Crazy about Covers

fascination of the blind spots left behind where people coexist




April Exhibition // 03.04.2014 - 26.04.2014


Jonna Pedersen /solo



The exhibition:

Jonna Pedersen: ”The traces are the skin of the city in the form of facades, signs and graffiti”.

Jonna Pedersen is fascinated by things and places with souls. By examining the everyday life, she is focused on the undetected and overlooked. She is drawn towards the reality where cultures has marked its marks, where people have set track or where common cultural references are included.


It is important for Jonna Pedersen, to create a clear reality with a story that challenges and helps to cause memories and sharpens your eye to the surrounding world... thus your own inner world and stance.

She gets inspired by time gaps in the cities, the human traces and communicative signs. Covers and signs she captures and interprets.

Crazy About Covers includes new works inspired from London and New York.




Show samples: