Stories in Stone




October Exhibition // 03.10.2014 - 18.10.2014


Sys Svinding / DK

Stefan Sprenker / DE

Peder Istad / NO

Hubert Maier / DE




Sys Svinding, Stefan Sprenker, Peder Istad and Hubert Maier, are all successful in liberating stones from its stationary limitations. Their creations leaves us with admiration and the desire to touch and feel the interaction between stringent lines, smooth and rough surfaces and sharp and round edges in fabulous shapes.


In 2009 Stefan Sprenker got the idea and desire, to put together a group of professional stone sculptors across countries with the intention to cooperate and for mutual inspiration.

This group of four is the result of that vision. All four, with extensive deep experience and countless exhibitions, proved to be a superb collaboration.

So after a startup at a workshop in Berlin 2010, they are now, 5 years and 2 joint exhibitions later, ready to present their third group exhibition at Priiskorn Contemporary, Copenhagen.


Sys Svinding - b. 1960 - Denmark

Graduated from Det Fynske Kunstakademi, Odense 1985


Stefan Sprenker – b. 1961 - Germany

Graduated from Kunsthochschule, Bonn 1988


Peder Istad – b. 1968 - Norway

Graduated from Kunsthøgskolen, Oslo 1996


Hubert Maier – b. 1960 - Germany

Graduated from Akademie der Bildenen Künste, München 1988



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