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June Exhibition // 06.06.2014 - 26.06.2014



Anne Sofie Kamphøvener Øtrup

Laia Puigdollers

Kris Sahlholdt

Sari Christiansen

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The exhibition:

If you're looking for an authentic spirit of the times, reflected as quirky tones and ingredients in contemporary art... the exhibition "sharper than ever ..." is the one to visit.


The four young women we present in the gallery; Anne Sofie Kamphøvener Øtrup, age 32 - Laia Puigdollers, age 27 - Sari Christiansen, age 26, and Kris Sahlholdt, age 17, has no limitation of history in their imagery of the contemporary ..., their eyes however are largely open with visions for the future ... they show contemporary art which is both the present and the future - sharper than ever...


Welcome to "sharper than ever ..."




Show samples: