Here and Away



March Exhibition// 07.03.2014 - 29.03.2014


Duma /p

Jamie Linley /uk

Cat Manolis /usa

Robin Coleman /uk

Jack Lind /dk

Mike Egan /usa

Mike Bell /usa

Angelo Barile /i

Giuditta Solito /i

PeeMonster /usa

Maja Linde /dk

Keemo /usa

Johnman Spraycan /uk




About the exhibition:

What makes this show special, is the international collection of 13 artists from USA, UK, Portugal, Italy and Denmark, whose works initially not directly support each other, but rather tend to work against each other in a counter-productive way, by creating parallel stories through the gallery.

It is this openness that creates a dynamic exhibition... more unpredictable than difficult to interpret.




Show samples: