You may lose your footing



February Exhibition// 07.02.2014 - 04.03.2014


Jesper Simensen /solo

Janni Mikkelsen /lounge




Jesper Simensen

You can gaze at a distance and find one truth… you can go closer and be surprised by nuances and details…

The details are not like the colors and the large surfaces. They are neither daring nor provocative, but rather sensitive and delicate in their expression.


This careful balancing act is a common feature in Jesper Simensen’s picture world. It is both brutal and delicate in its expression, and it can be both arrogant and vulnerable - but never boring.


Jesper Simensen finds great inspiration in the involving StreetArt, which over the past 10 years has moved visual art from the studios and galleries out into the streets and urban spaces in the city, where you find yourself faced with art - without necessarily searching for it.


Jesper Simensen examines the relationship between surface, spaciousness and volume, by separating the underlying visual perception such as architecture or urban spaces in both transparent and thick painted facets, creating kaleidoscopic and prismatic expressions that reflects the vibrant urban space.




Jesper Simensen:

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