August Exhibition // 12.09.2014 - 27.09.2014


Janni Mai Larsen & Josh Gura




Janni Mai Larsen has remixed her acclaimed solo show; Masqueteque, with selected works by the American-born artist Josh Gura, for a re-edition called remix:masqueteque.


Remix can be translated; reissue of an original art-work / exhibition / music piece with new artistic ingredients to a new, but recognizable whole.

Within the music it is before seen, that a remix gaining greater popularity than the original. Will it also be the case here?


Janni Mai Larsen - b. 1976

Educated at the Funen Art Academy and the Royal Danish Academy

of Fine Arts - graduated 2011th


Josh Gura - b. 1975

Born in the United States and living in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Educated at Konsthögskola Valand, Gothenburg, Sweeden

- graduated 2011th




Welcome to "remix:masqueteque"



Show samples: