August Exhibition // 22.08.2014 - 12.09.2014


Janni Mai Larsen //solo




Janni Mai Larsen / born 1976

Graduated 2011 from the Funen Art Academy and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.


Janni Mai has exhibited in several galleries and among the prestigious 5 State-recognized juried exhibitions in Denmark - several times at:

Charlottenborg spring exhibition

Artists' Autumn Exhibition

Artists' Easter Exhibition


The exhibition:

This is Janni Mai Larsens first solo exhibition at priiskorn contemporary.


The exhibition Masqueteque is based on the concept of "mixed signals" which for Janni Mai Larsen, is about identity and self-representation, which we undertake in our dealings with our fellow man.


Janni Mai Larsen experiences that we as humans are able to send mixed signals to our surroundings and that the present time, characterized by notions such as; "static identity", "personality" and "self", is undergoing constant resolution and development.

Janni Mai Larsen therefore explores, how we may find meaningful creative relationships and connections of the volatile liquid - even in the superficial.


There are two tracks in Janni Mai Larsen's artwork, which often cross each other without contradiction.

On one hand, the imaginative bright and festive and figurative universe. On the other hand, the simple little sinister style, where ominous symbols create food for reflection.

We are caught up in the richness of detail, the happy colors, quirky elements and distorted proportions, which together create harmony / disharmony with discrete dark comments to the mild, happy and optimistic.


Welcome to "masqueteque"



Show samples: