AffordableArtSummerGroupShow //groupshow




Summer Exhibition // 27.06.2014 - 16.08.2014



The exhibition:

The cues for the summer are; affordable-art and art-to-go.

If you love the art of tomorrow - you can pull of a coup, and bring a unique piece of convenient size and price out, or merely stop by to get happy, inspired or astonished.


AffordableArtSummerGroupShow is a blast of names, materials and styles, shaped by elements of pop art, street art and stylized abstraction. All having one thing in common; moving forward to be seen and to bring out change.


Well-established names are mixed and exhibited amongst new ones, hence the most important criteria of AffordableArtSummerGroupShow is to be different and looking for new ways.


All summer, danish and foreign artists will present works in oil, watercolor, spray, markers, mixed media, graphics, porcelain and stoneware.


Sjulle /dk

Sys Svinding /dk

Jesper Simensen /dk

Janni Mikkelsen /dk

Billie Bailey /dk

Winnie Strøm Schildknecht /dk

Mette Rishøj /dk

David Francesco Noro /dk

Anne Sofie Kamphøvener Øtrup /dk

JeSuis Laia Puigdollers /dk

Kris Sahlholdt /dk

Sari Christiansen /dk

Brian Saaby /dk

Jonna Pedersen /dk

Frederik Lassen Hesseldahl /dk

Maja Linde /dk

Jack Lind /dk

Dennis Seide /dk

Duma /p

Johnman Spraycan /uk

Robin Coleman /uk

Jamie Linley /uk

Mike Egan /usa

Mike Bell /usa

Cat Manolis /usa

Jett PeeMonster /usa

Keemo /usa

Angelo Barile /it

Giuditta Solito /it


The exhibition will develop and change during the summer, anarchism rules, there will be lots of colors, humor and edge…


All affordable-art-to-go.



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